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Hey, Africa Tamed

You were nothing short of the best. Everything went well and Wild Horizons was always on time. I loved the trip and will go back again. I, especially, loved the people and we were always treated kindly. The time at each event was perfect, and we all had a tremendous experience.
I have already been asked about you several times and will give only the highest praise for your personal attention, and great communicating by email.


  • J'burg....great time at the games, going to the last Ghana match, it was like the whole of Africa was in the stadium. Our cabbie was the best. Other than the games, I would say J'burg doesn't offer a whole lot more for us. The games were well organized, and everyone we were in contact with were tremendous.
  • The Hide was outstanding, and the service was really overboard. We had a personal guide from 6:30 in the morning to 9:30 in the evening. I can't say more about him, the chef and food, and the simple elegance of the place. We loved it.
  • Ichingo was more than what we expected, with a great guide, again, and wonderful people all around. It was the perfect ending.

Thanks, again, and my best wishes to you. Please keep in touch, as I'm sure we will be going back some time in the future.

Pete Hauschner and the boys - USA
July 2010

Hi Africa Tamed,

Yes, we tried to get a hold of you before we left...Needless to say I was very sad to leave...I loved our trip to South Africa in many ways it was very sobering, yet exciting to learn about the history, cultures etc...I am so blessed to have had such a wonderful person as yourself to set up our itinerary EVERYTHING was GREAT!! THANK YOU AGAIN!!

Everything that you planned and the timing of everything was perfect!! We weren’t rushed and we saw everything that we wanted to !!! To be honest the Whale Sanctuary was a blessing...we even met the owner, he introduced himself to us and invited us to join him for dinner while we were there and even gave us a bottle of his wine to bring home..We didn’t join him for dinners..however; he was there for breakfast..LOL!! Jako, was great!! Both Mark and I found our final leg of the journey the icing on the cake!!

I am almost crying writing this to you...the experience makes me feel overwhelmed with sincere joy and blessings....I am so thankful that we visited your beautiful country...!!!

Now don’t listen to Mark, just because we’re not there anymore doesn’t mean that were not able to talk!! LOL!!

THANK YOU AGAIN!! xxxxxxxx

Mark and Tess Porter - Canada
June 2010


Hi Africa Tamed

We had a great time and would definitely come back and would definitely contact you when we do. Everything was great - accommodation was excellent (Camp Shonga blew us away - food, people, animals all wonderful) and the scenery around Pilgrim's rest was out of this world. Victoria Falls was also spectacular.
I would be interested in signing up for the newsletter.
Many many thanks for organising such an amazing experience

Kind regards
Leanne and Vera - Australia
May 2010

Hi  Africa Tamed

We had an awesome time at ‘The Hide’.

Some highlights:
Been met at Main Camp by Shepherd our guide and experiencing our first game drive to The Hide. On the drive we meet up with a herd of elephants. They had quite a few very small calves and then a few calves that we a bit older and two of the older bull calves were mock charging and backing off. Was so cute to see these little bulls trying to assert their authority and warning us to stay away from the babies.

Being spoilt by the staff: We were offered private dining on Monday evening and while we were out on a late afternoon game drive they set up a table for dinner on our verandah. They also put a bottle of champagne on ice for us, a card, red roses and ferns and a bottle of red wine set out too. On the bed was a note and chocolates. During this time we had the elephants getting closer and closer as they were feeding on long grass. Then just after dessert one of the elephants came right up and fed on grass right on the verge of the path. Was a bit to close for comfort but what an experience. Then he just slowly continued to eat and moved off.

I would certainly recommend The Hide and your services and would use you again if the opportunity arises.

Kind regards,
Ruth and Neil Aereboe, South Africa
May 2010

Thanks - and the trip has been great. Look forward to the next one!

Cary Farley - Kenya
Mar 2010

 Africa Tamed

Thank you for helping me plan a wonderful trip to Botswana and Namibia. I was very fortunate in that there was no rain during the entire trip. If I had known that this was to be the case, I would have spent fewer days at each lodge and tried to get to the skeleton coast. The downside to the clear dry days is that it is very dry in Namibia, I am sure that the animals will be suffering in a few months if no rains arrive.

As to the lodges, I enjoyed them all and do not have any criticisms. I think that Stanley's Camp was my favourite, mostly because of the great diversity of wildlife, including birds, that I saw there.

Although I do not have another trip to your part of the world in mind for the near future, I will be in touch with you when southern Africa again becomes my travel destination.

Thanks again for all of your help,

John Keller – USA
Feb 2010

Hi  Africa Tamed,

It was a shock when I got out of Heathrow to -2c yesterday at 5am I can tell you!
But the trip was great - and I loved Kwa Mbili - I think because its not over the top - more homely than luxury, which when your out in the bush is just the right mix - well that’s what I think. 

The only thing we didn’t see was a Leopard, although when we saw the Elephants for the first time, I had one nudging the back of the truck, and I was in the back seat - eeekkkk Neil was great though and keeping everyone calm and directing the elephant away from us.

The food and service was also very good, everyone being friendly and knowledgeable. 

I would use the services again, although probably to go somewhere else in Southern Africa, however if someone wanted Safari in Kruger I would recommend Kwa Mbili - I would also send them your way!

There were also another group of people who you had recommended on the Safari when I arrived - also they were impressed by your service.
Thanks again and talk soon,

Julian Phillips – London
Feb 2010  

Hello  Africa Tamed,

Thank you. We had the most wonderful time in Zambia. The reception at the airport in Lusaka was good, as was the flight to Mfuwe. The Nkwali Camp was amazing and we had a wonderful time with the guests who were there. There were plenty of opportunities to go on game drives and the guides were knowledgeable and friendly, especially our guide Kiki.

Our stay in Kasanka was also very good: beautiful surroundings and here too a very good and friendly guide. The trip to Shoebill camp in Bangweulu Swamps was nice but not a must (in this time of year). If you want to cut costs on the trip, it is an option to skip (the flight to) the swamps and spend the day in Kasanka instead. The hides in Kasanka are amazing... (Our camera even survived a 22-meter fall down from one of the hides.) It was wonderful to see the bats, so many of them. Our stay at Wasa Camp was also good. The food in both camps was very good. It is amazing what they can do in the bush...

Even though the weather (the sun) and the flight to Zambia made us tired, we still had plenty of energy left to participate in the program. And of course, you can make it as busy as you want.

Thank you for your assistance.
Regards Anthony and Elke – Holland
Dec 2009

Dear  Africa Tamed

And a Happy New Year to you too of course!

We had a wonderful time in South Africa! Everything was just wonderful! The accommodation you booked us in was all great, with the Rosendal farm as number one….

Thanks a lot for organizing this trip for us, I would certainly use your services again and recommend you to friends and family.

All the best!
Lieven Claessens – Kenya
Jan 2009

Thanks Africa Tamed. Mozambique was great. Ibo was fascinating and Medjumbe was incredibly beautiful and good value compared to similar resorts in other countries e.g. Maldives. We also spent a night at Matemo as Medjumbe’s generator broke down the day we were to arrive. It was also lovely and gave us a tough decision whether to stay or go on to Medjumbe.

All arrangements went smoothly. Thanks for your help
Bruce Thomas – Australia
Nov 2009

Hi  Africa Tamed,

Yes we had a brilliant time. Really enjoyed our trip with Nomad... the guides were really nice and everything was well prepared. We had no complaints thanks for everything! :D

Kind Regards,

Louisa Attard – Malta
Nov 2009

Hello Africa Tamed

We are just so busy and we wanted to give you real feedback, so sorry for the delay in our response. Franschhoek was the absolute best B&B, superb dinner, good views and room and owners that were great hosts, Entertaining and just the right balance between being a guest and being a friend visiting. They seemed to love what they are doing. We are overall very very happy with what you did for us. And we will recommend you to friends. You have been very responsive to our suggestions, you understood what we wanted and did a great job. In fact, you are the proof that travel agents are still needed and can help out  (said by me who would do everything online).

On the run…

Olle Appelberg – Sweden
Nov 2009

Hi  Africa Tamed

Yes, thank you, it was an absolutely incredible setting!

Thank you again for all your help, and we will definitely put ourselves in your very capable hands again in the near future!

Richard Gush – South Africa
Nov 2009

Hello Africa Tamed! Thank u for your email!! Everything went perfect in Cape Town as well. You have a beautiful country. I hope I can go back in the near future, perhaps next winter.

I would love to receive your newsletter and keep in touch with you as well.
It was great meeting you and your folks at Samara Private Game Reserve, we had a wonderful time with you that night.

Life is treating us very well fortunately but I do have to accept that Africa changed me in so many ways you could never imagine. I feel great!!! And also, I have to admit that I miss it! It has been 10 days since our arrival and I’m still tired since I never really had time to recover from the jetlag.

Anyway….. have to work though… credit cards are full!

Laura Ramos – Mexico
May 2009

Loved every minute of it! Thank you. Glad we could finally see what Cape Town is all about. What a great place!

Greg and Hally Watson - USA
Dec 08

We had a fantastic time! Thank you for your valuable suggestions and colourful itinerary. Our trip was just too short. On our next trip to Africa we will extend our available time to be able to spend more nights in each place.

Chris and Mary O’Reilly - UK
Nov 08

Thank you  Africa Tamed,

Unforgettable memories = yes!
The storm was a shame because I could not go up Table Mountain but Cape Town was great and Stellenbosch almost even more...
Lion Sands was a great choice and I got to see the Big 5 and so much more although I had to twist my Ranger's arm a bit...
I was also able to meet some interesting people there.
As for the panaramic route, the weather again did not cooperate as it was very foggy and we could not see God's Window, the pinnacle and barely the Mac Mac falls...
The guide, Chris Kruger, was very nice and knowledgeable. I highly recommend him !!

Thanks again,
Christian Dominique - Canada
Sep 08


Comment posted on Trip Advisor:

"I am about to give a testimonial. My wife and I recently returned from our first trip to Africa. We went to South Africa, Victoria Falls, and Botswana. Africa Tamed arranged the two-week trip and we are very pleased with the way things worked out. We did not want to do a camping safari and refused to pay what a high-end safari would cost. Africa Tamed put together an itinerary for us that fell within our price range. In terms of what we did and the B&B's and lodges we stayed at the level of luxury exceeded our expectations. In addition, the guides she had arranged for were all knowledgeable and personable individuals who made sure that our trip went smoothly."

Thank you for a wonderful trip. We now understand, but cannot put into words, why people fall in love with and keep returning to Africa.

Take care,
Gene and Tanya Fenster - USA
May 08

Africa Tamed,

I just arrived home. Everything was perfectly organized!

The weather was a little bit hot, but it is natural in this period. The wet season was more wet this year and there was a lot of grass and water everywhere. Therefore the animals did not concentrate as usual. Anyway it was a great fun to look after them.
Additionally I had my special private experience, because we changed the places with guide on mokoro boat and nothing happened. Guide was happy to be a passenger and we had a great fun. They were very surprised, because so far nobody did it just straight away.

I hope we will organize similar holidays in winter. AFRICA IS BEAUTIFUL,

Kind regards.
Romuald Bohatyrewicz - Poland
February 08

Hi Africa Tamed

Yes, I really had a fantastic holiday in SA, thank you for arranging such a great itinerary. I guess we visited the most interesting places in South Africa and Zimbabwe, but I'm sure there will be more sights to visit for the next time :)). Even now I can't choose what I liked best of all on this tour. I will surely recommend your services to my friends and colleagues.

I also hope I will return to South Africa some day!

Dmitry Skopin - Russia
September 07

Dear Africa Tamed

We awake (and stretch like our friendly photo) to the reality of 3 ft of snow in the yard, -3C with glorious bright sunshine but no footprints except within emails !!

Your words are what set you apart from "just anyone " in your business .. that's why we love our African experiences and those we touch ... we cheer you both on as you expand your dreams...

Until we meet at another time we will send snippets of life and travels, as well as photos and ideas ...

with warm hugs from Canada .... Gary and Sandra
August 2007

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