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"Revealing the intricate details of Africa's wildlife!"

Like excited little children we followed Robin, our intrepid field guide, into the heart of the South Luangwe National Park, one of Zambia's finest wildlife reserves. Our senses peaked noticing every sound, every smell, feeling the warmth of the morning sun on our skin and listening intently to Robin as he interpreted the signs of Africa's wildlife. Fresh tracks and signs in the sand were translated into a tale of a leopard following closely in the footsteps of a duiker, a small antelope species. We followed the tracks and the tale evolved into a panicked chase and skillful kill of the antelope, the leopard then retreated to the nearest treetop with her kill to eat in peace. We must have arrived not long after this spectacular event as the leopard was still there, quietly looking down on us.

Guided Walking safaris into the heart Africa's wildlife reserves are a breathe taking experience. Trained and experienced field guides (game rangers) open up the world of Africa's nature to you, unfolding the intricate details that ordinarily would pass you by unnoticed.

Although Zambia is the place of origin of walking safaris in Africa, there are a number of different wildlife areas throughout southern Africa that offer exceptional walking safaris. Allow Africa Tamed to reveal these jewels to you. Contact us to design your own personalised walking safari.

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