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"Responsible Tourism is about making better places for people to live in and better places for people to visit.

Words from Professor Harold Goodwin, director of the International Centre for Responsible Tourism.

As tourism becomes the world's largest economic sector we as responsible travelers can ensure its longevity by practicing ways to minimize ecological impacts, benefit local communities and reduce poverty.

For tourism operators it is about providing more rewarding holiday experiences for guests whilst enabling local communities to enjoy a better quality of life and conserving the natural environment.

Travel Responsibly!

I pledge to be a responsible traveller and to encourage others to do the same. I will try, whenever it is within my ability to do so, to:

  • Research the culture of the area before arriving at my destination.
  • Talk to locals, employ local tour guides and stay in accommodation establishments that have invested in the local community.
  • Learn some of the local language. 
  • Respect the dignity and privacy of others.
  • Make an effort to donate to a local organisation that supports community projects rather than giving money to beggars and street children.
  • Purchase souvenirs directly from community markets and crafters so that the money goes directly to local businesses.
  • Experience local and regional cuisine.
  • Be vigilant about protecting children from exploitation and prostitution. 
  • Question establishments where children of school-going age are working.
  • Pay a price that is fair for the seller and maker or service provider.
  • Drink tap water and use water as efficiently as possible.
  • Dispose of matches and cigarette butts in the bins provided to avoid starting fires in ecologically sensitive areas.
  • Use electricity as efficiently as possible.
  • Not approach or feed baboons.
  • Not take natural keepsakes such as shells and indigenous flowers.
  • Stick to marked paths and roads when driving or hiking.
  • Make sure that the seafood I want to buy and eat is not on the list of endangered species. 
  • Dispose of rubbish carefully, recycle where possible and re-use my beverage bottles and shopping bags.
  • Use public transport when possible, or take a walking tour.
  • Offset my carbon footprint by planting a tree.

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